Are you intrigued by bridge but intimidated by the competitiveness? Are you overwhelmed by the thought of joining a bridge club?

Great news! Bridge can be played anywhere, anytime and without restrictions. It can be played socially as a one-table at-home game or a many-table country club game. Individually, bridge can be played online with strangers via your computer or a mobile app.

Need a plan for game night? Hosting a bridge game at home is great way to engage with friends and family. All you need is a deck of cards and at least four players. The players do not need to be familiar with the game.

Challenge your friends to something beyond the usual board game. Although casual games should follow established rules, they are often unstructured in scoring and bidding. These games are referred to as kitchen bridge, but it doesn’t mean you have to play in the kitchen.

Ready for the mental exercise, but not social stimulation? Try online play. There is a wealth of resources for learning and practicing playing, including mobile apps and websites where you can learn and play from the comfort of your home. Here are some of our favorites.

Bridge Master

(No bidding required)

Bridge Master is an online series of carefully constructed exercises designed to illustrate important declarer (bid winner) techniques. If you take the correct line of play, you make the contract (agreement to number of hands you believe you can take). Otherwise, the program will defeat it. A “Show solution” button is available to explain the correct line of play. Powered by Bridge Base Online (BBO).

Just Declare

(No bidding required)

Need more play practice? This game sets a contract and invites you to play it. No bidding required, and you are always the declarer. From BBO‘s Learn and Play bridge.


(No bidding required)

Select the trump suit, predict the number of tricks you can take and practice playing the hand. From BBO‘s Learn and Play bridge.

Just Play Bridge

This is a no-frills, infinite stream of bridge hands. You are guaranteed to have the most high-card points of all four hands. Bid and play as many hands as you like, at your own pace! Brought to you courtesy of BBO.

Learn to Play Bridge

This is an interactive, learn-as-you-play web-based program for varying levels of bridge skill. You will find a safe environment to test and learn skills. Powered by Bridge Base robots.

There is no doubt that once you start playing casual and online games, you will be even more intrigued by bridge. When you’re ready for more, consider taking a class. Visit here to find a teacher or class close to you.